Why the fascination with food?

Well, I’ve always been sporty – I started gymnastics at age 4 and throughout the rest of my adolescent and adult life I practiced all kinds of sports from swimming, netball, cricket, dancing and horse riding through to boxing. I guess being active meant I needed energy, so very much enjoyed the source of that: MY FOOD!

Growing up I remember cupboards full of sugary stuff. Mars bars, cakes, fizzy drinks, clotted cream and I am pretty certain I had a sugar addiction. I had dangerous blood sugar crashes that would lead me to break out in shakes and sweats and I would crave it daily.

I remember questioning this, and my acne prone skin, and wondering if it was connected to diet. I became obsessed with a book called “Foods that harm. Foods that heal.” – a huge hard-back book with a list of all foods, along with their benefits or draw-backs.

This is where my fascination and respect for the human body began.

My own health concerns were the driving force behind my curiosity and this has remained the driving force to this day.


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