You are what you eat. What are you?

You have probably heard this a lot: “You are what you eat!” Well, I believe this is true.

I wanted to share with you what my average day looks like when it comes to food consumption. I actually think that being aware of what you eat is a great start to rectifying your diet (if that’s what it needs). Happy to hear your thoughts on what I eat in the comments. Is it a lot, not much at all, good, bad… how is it in comparison to your diets?

My Food Diary: Weekdays

This is what I typically eat during the week when I’m working. I’m not sure what it makes me, but I feel pretty OK most of the time.

7:45 Breakfast: Oats (with some added seeds and dried banana) with plain Greek yogurt. In winter I tend to have the oats with warm goat’s milk.

10:30 / 11:00 Tea Time: A small banana followed by a cup of Yorkshire Tea with goats milk and an organic ‘Doppelkeks‘ biscuit.

12:30 / 13:00 Lunch: We have the luxury of a canteen at work. I typically go for cooked vegetables, a bit of meat or fish and some rice, potatoes or pasta. It’s all about portion control and getting the right proportion of each food type. I tend to go for more vegetables than anything else. I don’t eat meat everyday and if I do it tends to be poultry.

15:00/ 16:00 Snack: Plain Greek yogurt. I may also graze on nuts or rice cakes if I am peckish during the day.

18:00/ 19:00 Dinner: I am lucky enough to come home to cooked meals most nights. This can vary from stir fry to stew. It is quite similar to what I eat for lunch.

20:00 Tea Time: After dinner I will have another cup of tea.

Throughout the day I am constantly drinking tap water and I occasionally have a fruit or vegetable juice.

On top of this I take vitamin D during the winter months. This vitamin is essential for optimal health (read: Mercola Article). Take a look at this Infographic to see if you have a vitamin D deficiency…

Source: Mercola




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