New Year, New Home, New Plans

I haven’t blogged for a long time. What with moving house, Christmas, holiday in Finland and then coming back to half unpacked boxes, I’ve not had much time for myself, let alone for the blog! But, here I am, in the new year, writing from the dining table in our new home.


We took the step to move out of the city and we are so glad we did. I’m a country bumpkin at heart. The city was always a little too fast paced and dirty for me!

The flat we just moved out of was directly on a busy main road above an underground stop and some loud cafés. We had noisy neighbours too. All this noise seemed to have an impact on our health. I felt like I had no where to relax. No real quiet sanctuary to retreat to. Being an introvert, this is something I crave, and need, in order to recharge my batteries after a busy day at work.

We found our dream home back in autumn 2016. We almost lost it for a while and we were devastated, but thanks to ING-Diba and the estate agent we were able to work something out. Because of my probation period at work it was hard to find a willing bank. ING-Diba is the only bank that will do it, with one condition: that there is a smooth transition between the two jobs.

So, anyway it all worked out in the end and we moved in on December 23rd. JUST before Christmas. We were so happy, but so exhausted, so it was good the holiday was coming up.

On December 26th we flew to Helsinki and on December 28th we flew from there to Lapland, hopeful to see the Northern Lights. Which we did!!! And exactly on New Year’s Eve – it was breathtaking! The picture doesn’t do it justice.


I know this blog isn’t a home and travel blog, so I guess I’ll get to the ‘new plans’ part.

New Plans: Being Self-Sufficient

With the move, we were lucky enough to acquire a garden with enough space to grow our own food. I am super excited about the prospect of this. It is a lot to learn, but with my interest in nutrition and wholesome living, it’s something I can’t wait to get stuck into.

I want to learn how to be part self-sufficient. I don’t want to be reliant on the supermarkets and their genetically modified veg! I want to experience and be at one with nature and learn how it can provide for us.

We’ll be creating a separate blog to document our journey to self-sufficiency. I’ll add the link to it here, once it’s up (if I remember!).



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