Are your eating habits too much for your body?

So, this is my second week writing a food diary – I am doing it so I know what future “clients” are up against. It takes some dedication, but found the app “my food diary” helpful for those moments I need to take a quick snap and log it later – it’s like Instagram for food. 

I have quite a regimented eating routine, which my body kind of relies on. But I am trying to change it this week (based on something our lecturer said*). I am leaving longer breaks between eating and trying to make sure my meals keep me fuller for longer. 

I am finding the psychological aspect of this tricky, as my “routine” eating is deep rooted. But it feels quite good listening to my hunger pangs instead of watching the clock.

Doing this exercise, I realised I worry quite a bit about getting to the stage where I have “panic hunger” – the kind I get where my blood sugar drops and I crave sweet  stuff. I think this has led me to continuously “top up” even if I don’t need it. 

I am learning to go against this line of thinking and to only eat if I really need to (i.e. If I have physical hunger symptoms). 

I still have a tea and biscuit as my mid morning snack (this is a habit I will never break, nor do I want to 😆), but so far my efforts to extend times between food have been going well. 

I will share my food diary with you at the end of the week and we can look at what my calorific and nutrient intake is and whether it’s right for my energy expenditure and nutritional needs.  

*Try to eat well enough at meal times to survive for 3-5hours without food. If you are constantly eating, you are constantly making your body “work” to release insulin! 


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