Watch out for copper imbalance!

So, after 3 attempts I have had to come in to hospital to get the copper coil (IUD) inserted. Given the fact I have never given birth it seemed to be a bit of a mission getting this little thing into where it’s supposed to be.

I chose to go for the coil as the few years without the pill and just having sex according to my cycle was a bit stressful, not to mention risky. But I was adamant I didn’t want synthetic hormones regulating, or rather, mimicking my cycle.

The copper coil basically makes the womb a hostile environment for sperm. It interferes with the fertilisation process.

I must say, I’m not 100% comfortable with the idea of having something foreign inside my body either, but it seemed like the best of a bad bunch for someone who doesn’t want children.

Since making this decision I have been reading about the side-effects that come with this particular coil, one of them being copper imbalance. 

I’ve discovered that copper has antagonists in the body: minerals that compete for absorption e.g. zinc, manganese and iron. Given the body is always working to maintain balance, it will have to work extra hard with the constant release of copper from the coil.

I will be looking to support my body with nutrition. Making sure copper doesn’t get too high.

I’ll also keep an eye on my symptoms to see if I notice a difference – potentially the increases PMS symptoms they link to copper coils are in fact due to the excess copper in the body. I guess we’ll see…

Anyway, you can check here if you have copper excess/deficiency. Interestingly both the pill and smoking(!) have an adverse effect.


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